Loutoff Display

Need to show off this season's latest fashions? Choose from a variety of Loutoff Display's unique mannequins. We manufacture mannequins for specialty stores and clothing lines, such as plus size, maternity, sporting goods, or children and pet apparel. We also have realistic mannequins, featureless mannequins, and headless mannequins as well as just head and hand body parts for showing off accessories on display counters. With over 50 new models of mannequins released each year, you're sure to find a style that will fit your store and make shoppers think twice about walking by.

  • OEM / ODM Service
  • After several years of development, we have hundreds of mannequins in different sizes, colors, and poses for you to choose from. We also offer OEM/ODM services to design mannequins that meet the individual needs of our customers. If you are interested in one of our OEM/ODM mannequins, send us some sample ideas, themes, or images and we will work to create a display solution that works for you.

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What We Made
    1. Female Mannequins

      Female mannequins are perfect for displaying the season's latest trends. Shoppers may walk right past something on a hanger or they can't imagine just how that pair of jeans or jacket would look on them.

    1. Male Mannequins

      Made from fiberglass reinforced plastic, the non-adjustable mannequins break down into seven pieces: the head and torso, arms, hands, right leg, and leg/hip. This allows for easier clothing changes, as well as for moving.

    1. Child Mannequins

      Child mannequins detach at shoulders and other key joints so they can be easily dressed. Made of lightweight fiberglass, these kid mannequins include a free base and stand, unless otherwise noted.

    1. Sport Mannequins

      Mannequins depicting athletes in motion are far more likely to inspire shopper's interest and spur on sales than standing units. Loutoff Displays offers a wide range of female athletes in running or action poses.

    1. Torso Mannequins

      Mannequin torsos are great for limited display spaces, such as vintage boutique stores or dressmakers' studios. We provide a range of mannequin torsos for display, for dressmakers and tailors.

    1. Partial Body Mannequin (Mannequin Parts)

      Our mannequin parts include both mannequin heads and mannequin hands. The most important benefit of partial body mannequin is that it can prevent customers being distracted.

    1. Pet Mannequin

      Made of fiberglass, our pet mannequins make a great family or active scene. They can also be used in pet boutiques, pet supply and grooming stores, or veterinary clinics to display dog sweaters, costumes, or other pet products.

    1. Custom Made Mannequin (Samples)

      With great capacity in custom design, we can make mannequins according to client-side demands on the height, size, facial attributes, and any other special features.

    1. Mannequin Wigs

      Mannequin wigs are an easy and inexpensive way to change up the look of your mannequins at any time. Our female mannequin wigs are made with fine fibers, salon-worthy coloring and current haircuts and styles.